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It's not about ideas, it's about making ideas happen!

It's about who we are and what we do,

                                                                          What we believe in,

                                                                                                                    To what we aspire...   

We are...

AJV Holding Ltd-an Austrian entity, focusing on investments in businesses in Austria and the countries from South-Eastren Europe. Our main scope so far has been in the real estate filed, as well as in businesses from the trade, manufacturing and innovation technology.

Our own company in Bulgaria, Test Service Ltd., is long-term leading provider of technical equipment and maintenance in the fields od construction, petrol stations, automobile industry, as well as power engineering industry.

SKIMPROT-exclusivly represented by AJV Holding Ltd in Austria

SKIMPROT is a protective sticker designed for the widespread chip enabled bank cards. The sticker protects debit and credit cards from information theft and fraud.
The product won the Award for best innovation at the biggest exhibition for smart technology CARTES America 2014.

We are currently in process of negotiations for the distribution of the product, as well as its official presentation on the Austrian market!

Our growing business in Austria is also focusing on real estate, but we are eager to accept the vast possibilities, which the local market and collaborates, are trusting to us!

We believe in...

good ideas, but we believe even more in people, who are able to make a good idea a great business.
That is why we are always opened not only to a potential and promising concept, but also to reliable and success driven partners.

Our vision...

To be omong the ones who build a long-lasting, stable,steady -growing structure of cooperation and trust.We strive to maintain and develop our internal ethics and progress, based on loyalty, exceptional performance, as well as deep care for the problems of the world around us, by supporting and participating in different social initiatives.


Official Distributor of SkimProt

SkimProt - Protect Your Debit or Credit Card

  • SkimProt-Protect Your Debid or Credit Card.
  • SkimProt is a protective sticker designed for the widespread chip-enabled bank cards.The sticker protects debit and credit cards from information theft and fraud.

The term bank cards is understood to include all types of cards issued by banks to users for non-cash payments, such as befit and credit cards.Skimprot through its universal magnetic stripe encoding, forwards the ATMs to search for the card information from the much more secure EMV chip.

SkimProt is an innovative product for protection of bank cards

The introduction of a contact chip to the cards (EMV chip) is a new technology uses to improve security. Currently, there isn't a single registered case of data copied from a chip in real life conditions worldwide. This proves the technology's level of security and explains why its use is becoming more and more frequent, but the saturation of devices, which work simultaneously with a chip and a magnetic stripe is not uniform. This is why cards are still supplied with a magnetic stripe to ensure their compatibility with the old generation devices.

SkimProt is a high-technology sticker protected by an international patent. It comprises of four layers which safeguard smart cards from data theft and fraud.

A material designed specifically for SkimProt, covering completely the information contained in the card's magnetic stripe. 

A material designed specifically for SkimProt, covering completely the information contained in the card's magnetic stripe.

A specialised glue which adheres securety to the card and at the same time can be easily peeled off, if necessary.

It's made of 4 different layers to ensure a 100% security of your transactions.

A protective coating shields the sticker during the daily use of your bank card.

A magnetic stripe containing a code, instructing ATMs to use the card's chip and zeros in place of card information.


How to use it:

Attach the bank card to the special template so that its mgnetic stripe matches closely the opening cut into the template.

Peel SkimProt from the backing paper and apply it neatly on the magnetic stripe, following the opening in the template the rounder corners of the sticker and the card must match.

Press to stick well.

Your card is now ready. You can use it without any concern about the security of your data at all ATMs and POS terminals which read chips.
Take care to position SkimProt exactly within the templates cut-out. If the sticker is placed incorrectly or its integrity is damaged,ATMs may not accept the bank card.

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